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Dreaming of Greece

Greece has a magnetic pull for holidaymakers, offering an array of beaches, a welcoming culture, ...

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Empowering Communities

Greece's Tourism Vision and Eos Villas' Commitment to Sustainability Greece is steadfast in its ...

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Celebrating Cultural Harmony

At Eos Villas, we believe in more than just providing exceptional holiday experiences; we strive ...

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Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

In recent years, the travel industry has undergone a profound shift towards sustainability and res...

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Top Reasons to Book a Villa this Summer

What are your plans for this summer ? Looking to travel with your friends and family or just with y...

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Staying motivated

In these strange times  we all know that  been motivated and positive is not easy. This does not m...

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Eating Healthy

 Healthy eating is something everyone knows they should do,  but few of us do as consistently as ...

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Kefir Cake

Winter in Corfu might seem to be a bit long and boring to some people. It is raining and often wind...

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Life in Corfu an Ex Pat's Story

It seems hard to believe sometimes that over 30 years have passed for me, an ex-pat from Surrey, to...

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Did you know that regular mindfulness-based meditation can improve sleep? Where better to practise ...

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